About us

Unitus Capital was founded in July 2008 to accelerate the development of local and international capital markets for the benefit of businesses delivering deep social and environmental impact. Since launch, we have been committed to delivering best-in-class investment services that unlock the capital needed to fuel the rapid and sustainable growth of businesses committed to positively impacting the lives of low-income populations. Here are some of the key milestones of Unitus Capital since our launch in 2008.

Journey & Milestones

  • 2022

    Awarded No. 1 investment bank award by VCCircle

  • 2021

    Despite being the covid year raised $143 Mn capital

  • 2020

    Completed a landmark transaction of acquisition of chaitanya microfinance by NAVI

  • 2019

    UC inclusive credit P. ltd. begins operations

  • 2018

    Ranked #1 investment bank private equity

  • 2017

    Closed the largest private equity transaction in microfinance for spandana

  • 2016

    UC named #1 investment bank by deal volume for fourth consecutive year

  • 2015

    UC named #1 investment bank by deal volume for third consecutive year

  • 2014

    UC crosses US $ 1 billion raised for over 50 clients across Asia UC ranked #1 investment for second year in a row

  • 2011

    Closed first portfolio transaction in India for livelihood company Vistaar Closed equity investment for LeapFrog, world’s only micro insurance equity fund

  • 2010

    UC expanded focus to agriculture, education, renewable energy and healthcare.

  • 2009

    First equity raise for Bhandhan Bank. First NCD transaction for a MFI.

  • 2008

    Unitus Capital started its operations.

Why Us?

Stellar, Experienced team
Premium Valuations
Innovative Structures
Preferred Advisor
Marquee Investor

Tech-focused impact-first investment bank

Unitus Capital guages impact using a 5-step process
  • Inclusivity

    Inclusive value chain

    Stakeholders that bring in inclusivity

    Affordable products and services

  • Scalability/Reach

    Number of lives directly impacted – now

    Number of lives directly impacted – at scale

  • Depth of impact

    Degree to which end customers’ lives get positively impacted

  • Promoter intent

    Intent of promoter(s) about creating impact

  • Sustainability

    Temporary or long-term phenomenon

Impact through indirect influences

Significant Ecosystem Impact

Innovative company in its model/tech/idea

Impact on public policy

Business's positive impact on public policy


First of its kind Potential to create several 'clones

Impact at scale

Potential to scale up the business and impact lives at large


We are a 40 person team that knows that we’re lucky to do what we do. We’re finance aficionados with considerable transactional experience who were fortunate to find a way to hopefully each leave a small, sustainable footprint on the social enterprise ecosystem. We’re fun investment bankers (no, it’s not an oxymoron) with big hearts who feel passionate about our commitments to our entrepreneurs, our clients, and our mission. Here’s what we value:


We wouldn’t be who we are or where we are today without our clients and the individuals they serve, our team, our Board Members, and our shareholders. We thrive on having fun while being able to work with passionate, inspiring individuals and entrepreneurs. We will continuously work to maintain and strengthen our enduring relationships with all the people we serve—our clients, our industry partners, our entrepreneurs, and our shareholders.


We are committed to mobilizing capital for businesses that deliver sustainable, scalable social impact. We see what we do as having the ability to elevate the base of the economic pyramid and to eliminate the poverty penalty.


We hope it goes without saying but we want to reiterate our commitment to high- quality best-in-class work. We believe that there are no gray lines when it comes to integrity, transparency, and ethics. We also know that we don’t have all the answers and we realize the importance of humility.


We know we’re in a game changing industry that has the ability to level the playing field and build an ecosystem that’s beneficial to all. We are constantly seeking solutions for our clients that enable access to capital to fuel their businesses and social impact. We envision a market that allocates capital taking into consideration its impact and not only risk and return.

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