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Structured Product

Unitus Capital provides structured product solutions, including non-convertible debentures, rated loan pool sale, loan portfolio sale, and securitizations. These innovative financial structures broaden our clients’ access to capital and accelerate the scale and positive impact of their businesses.


  • Sole arranger of multiple non-convertible debentures and an external commercial borrowing totalling USD 116 million for Janalakshmi Financial Services, a microfinance institution (2011 to 2015)
  • Sole arranger of multiple issuances of non-convertible debentures totalling USD 15 million for ESAF, a microfinance institution (2014 to 2015)
  • Sole arranger of non-convertible debentures of USD 12 million for Vistaar, a small medium enterprise lender (2013)
  • Sole arranger of external commercial borrowings of USD 4 million for Madura, a microfinance institution (2015)
  • Sole adviser to Chaitanya, a microfinance institution, for a loan pool securitization of USD 2 million (2015)