Lindsay Levin

Managing Partner of Leaders’ Quest

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Leaders’ Quest

We work with CEOs and their teams to help equip companies for the changing demands of the 21 st century. We advise and support forward-thinking leaders in defining purpose, living their values, deepening leadership capacity and cultivating new mind sets.Our approach is based on empathy for the challenges leaders face and 
the constraints under which they operate. Alongside drive, passion and business excellence, today’s executives need to develop wisdom,compassion and the ability to appreciate diverse perspectives. We help 
leaders grow as well-rounded people, capable of leading in fast changing,disrupted environments with competing priorities and interconnected challenges.

Lindsay LevinFounder & Partner

Lindsay spent the first fifteen years of her career building entrepreneurial companies. In 2001 she founded Leaders’ Quest as her ‘last start-up’. She has since worked to connect leaders from all disciplines, sectors and geographies to explore solutions to some of the big issues in the world today. Currently, much of her time is spent advising corporate CEOs and their teams – helping them to define purpose and values and implement transformational change. Lindsay is passionate about bridging divides – between cultures, perspectives and 
opposing voices. She also works extensively with leaders from non-profit institutions and NGOs. In 2004 founded the Leaders’ Quest Foundation to build leadership capacity in grassroots communities.
Lindsay serves on the Board of Hartford Care, a nursing home group in the UK, and of Unitus Capital, an India based investment firm that raises capital for entrepreneurial businesses that benefit those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Between 2008 and 2012 she was Chair of the International Steering Committee of OneVoice, working to amplify the voices of Israelis and Palestinians committed to peaceful coexistence. 

Lindsay lives in New York with her husband David and their youngest son, Louis; their older sons are at university in the UK. Her first book, Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a time, was published
by Vala in March 2013.