Nisha Chakravarty

Head of Media and Communications

Detailed Bio

Nisha Chakravarty, Head of Media and Communications

Nisha has led media and communications for the past year at UC, including the re-launch of
UC’s website. Prior to joining UC, Nisha was the Founding President of Nuru Social Enterprises, stepping into this role after joining Nuru as its Chief Financial Officer in 2012.
Nisha moved into the non-profit space full time as KIPP LA’s Chief Financial and Operating
Officer and has extensive experience in international development through consulting with
UNICEF in New York as well as by volunteering with local social enterprise organizations while
living in Mumbai for two years.   Nisha led shared services strategy for India and Singapore at
Goldman Sachs and spent time in London, Hong Kong, and Mumbai in her role as Head of
Expense Management for the Lehman and Nomura India offices.  Prior to her financial services
career, Nisha oversaw finance teams at Time Inc. and Scholastic Inc. Nisha earned her
undergraduate degree at The Wharton School, along with a second degree in South Asian
Studies, and an M.A. in Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences at Columbia University.

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